Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Inappropriate Childrens Music

I've been raising children for 17 years now. Longer if you count my younger brothers and sisters.

I've gotten in trouble for the music I played around kids a lot.

My mom used to have a conniption when I would listen to borrowed AC/DC albums when I was in grade school and let my siblings listen too.

When Junior Bear was born, his mom used to get on me for listening to Prince around him, even though she's from Minneapolis and loves his music:

Apparently she didn't want him standing up in the middle of church and going through the chorus of that little ditty.

Then when Little Bear and Girlie Bear came along, I would have to take long drives to see them on weekends, so we listened to my stereo a lot. I was going through a funk phase, so they learned the words to this:

I got in trouble for Girlie Bear singing "We want the funk" in preschool, but messing up the lyrics just a tad due to a hearing problem.

After I moved to Louisville, I would listen to Bob and Tom while I drove them across town to day care and school. I would wait until I thought they had nodded off, and listen.

That is, until I got a call from their mom asking why my daughter and son were singing this song:

I cut out the Bob and Tom, at least when the kids were in the car. I thought that was all over, when I got a call from the principal about Girlie Bear singing this little ditty because it was stuck in her head:

So, I've been in trouble off and on for years over the music that my children have heard when in my presence.

Irish Woman has sworn that such a thing will not happen with Baby Bear.

I take that as a challenge.

I'm thinking of slipping this one into the music mix I have for him in the car:

Think she'll think its' funny?


David said...

Tom I am good with Sir Mix a lot only if you mix in some classic tune that complements.. like this one

DaddyBear said...

Actually, Baby Bear loves to clap along with classic rock. He especially enjoys something like Queen or the Beatles with a good back beat. He can pretty much keep the beat while clapping.

All of my kids like music. I just hope he doesn't take up the drums. No surface would be safe.

Kids Music said...

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