Saturday, June 20, 2009

Range Day

Went out to Knob Creek and got a couple of hours of range time before it got ungodly hot. One of my friends from work and his son joined me. He was trying out his new AR-15 and his son was tearing it up with a mini-14.

I pretty much just plinked with the mosin and practiced with the pistols. I'm getting better with the .45. My friend shoots a fun fun competition at Open Range and if I can get away I might check it out.

I like going to Knob Creek early in the morning. It doesn't get crowded for the first couple of hours and you can shoot a while then relax and shoot the bull for a while. Since you pay for the whole day, you don't worry about the cost of every minute.

I'm going to try to get out shooting a couple of times a month. I also need to do more dry fire and draw practice.

I was sort of invited to go to a rendezvous with some of the black powder crowd and I think I'll check that out if the opportunity arises.

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