Sunday, June 14, 2009

Girlie Bear gets training

Took Girlie Bear to get hunter safety training this weekend. She has been asking to go for a couple of years.

She insisted on taking the test with the adults.

When she went to shoot the air gun she was a bit intimidated. But with a little help from one of the instructors she did all right.

After we got home we got Little Bears air rifle out and practiced. After a few shots she began to consistently hit the target. Today her groupings began to tighten up.

One of the instructors is an NRA youth instructor. We're going to hook up in July for a day of training on .22s.

Girlie Bear wants to go with me when I go hunting this fall. She'll watch this year and actvely hunt need supervision after that.

It'll be nice to have her as a hunting buddy.

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