Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home Again

Well, our yearly family reunion with the Hoosier side of the family has come and gone. There was the usual crop of new babies. Imagine that, a Midwestern German Catholic family that has a steady stream of kids.

Girlie Bear had a good time running around with her cousins. Little Bear stayed home with his mom and Junior Bear is visiting his mom in California. Baby Bear had a blast being passed from aunt to aunt all weekend. We set up an inflatable pool for him and the other little ones and it as a big hit.

The weather was clear, sunny, hot, and muggy. We joked that it was convenient that the family reunion was held during the state Humidity Festival. I'm not complaining. It could have been storming all weekend long. The weather here has been very wet lately, and we were worried that it would be wet all weekend.

One note. To the group of four older couples that had the camping spots in the middle of our little mob all weekend. I'm very sorry that we messed up your quiet get together at the lake. The herd of children roaming through the area is actually a nice group of kids, and we tried as much as we could to keep the noise down after dark.

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