Monday, January 17, 2011

Today's Thought

The deer bow-hunting season here in Kentucky ends tomorrow.  It runs pretty much non-stop from late September until mid-January.  During the season, when I was able to get out to the woods, I saw precisely three deer, only one of which I could have gotten a legal shot at.  Of course, that doe ran off before I could bring my gun to bear.

Occasionally, I would see small groups of deer here and there as I drove around. Luckily none of them tried to play chicken with my car again.

This morning, the day before bow season closes, and knowing full well that I will not be able to get out to the woods before hunting light ends this afternoon, I saw two groups of no less than 20 does apiece in fields near my home.  While driving the interstate to the office, I saw between 5 and 10 other deer in pairs or singly, including one buck that had a big enough rack to make a grown man stare.

My question is this:  Who gave the deer a bloody calendar so they'd know when it's safe to come out?


Shannon said...

The turkeys did it ~ it's a conspiracy!

WF - "meddl" - this system is on a roll today...

DaddyBear said...

Could be. I tend to blame the squirrel. Fast little devils make for good recon.

Julie said...


solution - shoot both the turkeys and squirrels and then see if that makes a difference :)

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