Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Thoughts

It's Turkey Day again campers, and I thought I'd share some of the things I'm grateful for:

  • I'm grateful that my family is together and healthy.
  • I'm grateful for all of the friends that I've gained over the past year.
  • I'm grateful for all of the old friends who've put up my grouchy butt over the years.
  • I'm grateful that in this time of uncertainty, both Irish Woman and I both have good jobs.
  • I'm grateful that good men and women in the armed services, police, fire, and EMS are giving up their holiday to make sure that me and mine are OK.
  • I'm grateful that my ancestors chose to leave their home countries to come to America.  

If you're traveling for the holiday, stay safe.  It's better to be late than to be a statistic.  I need every reader I can get.  If  you're flying, turn your head and cough.

I list a few cop blogs in my sidebar.  I really don't want to recognize anyone in their entries about this weekend.  I'm the designated driver this year, so there may be funny tipsy Irish Woman quotes on Friday. 

Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving, and remember how fortunate we all are.

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Julie said...

Happy Thanksgiving Day ... hope you have an enjoyable time!

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