Sunday, November 21, 2010

An Open Letter

Dear Commissioner Goodell,

I am a lifelong NFL fan.  I started out as a child watching the Vikings play at Metropolitan Stadium in Minneapolis.  I stayed up late when stationed overseas so I could watch Monday Night Football and the Superbowl.  I have made watching football on television a family experience, and hope that my enjoyment of the sport continues in my childrens' generation.

I currently live in a market where I rarely see one of my favorite teams, the Washington Redskins, play on Sunday afternoons.  This afternoon, Fox switched to the Tennessee/Washington game after their regularly scheduled game ended.  It was a close game, and went into overtime.  Needless to say, this was an unexpected treat for me

Imagine my surprise when at 4:15, Fox broke into the game to announce they had to drop coverage of the game due to an NFL rule that forced them to stop 15 minutes after the end of their allotted time slot.  Washington went on to win the game within a few minutes.  How they did this, I do not know.  I will have to wait and hope it's available on the replays NFL Network puts on later this week.

I am the creator of all of the revenue that the NFL depends on.  I watch football for enjoyment.  I pay for the NFL Network to catch every game I can get.  If my cable operator offered a package that had all of the games the same way that the satellite folks do, I would buy it.  When I can afford it, I buy NFL jerseys, hats, and other items.  If I can ever afford it, I will be attending live games.

I. Am. Your. Fan.

I have looked past the NFL allowing convicted criminals such as Michael Vick back into its ranks.  I have looked past the almost monthly reports of sex, drugs, and bad behavior scandals with little to no enforcement of a morals clause by the League or the teams.  But cutting into an exciting game at its climax is not how you continue to get my support. 

Commissioner, I want the NFL to reconsider this rule, and explain to the public why it is in place.   I want it removed from the contracts the NFL has in place with the broadcasters. Please re-examine and eliminate this silly rule immediately.  Then we can start working on the reputation the NFL is getting via its personnel problems.



Vikings Fan  (I'm Thumbbody!)
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