Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Initial thoughts on Election 2010, Phase I

The attack ads, robo calls, junk mail, and wall to wall media sycophants are over.  The ballots have been cast.  The counting begins in an hour here in Kentucky, and soon there after in the rest of the country.

Thank the Lord for that.

Now for the additional phases:

  1. The first contesting of vote counting will begin tomorrow.
  2. The first lawsuits will be filed within 96 hours
  3. The lame duck congress will go nuclear option and try to stuff as much of the crap they've been holding off on in hopes of re-election into the next two months.

Buckle up kids, this ain't over yet.


Old NFO said...

Yeah, sadly I fear you are correct...

bluesun said...

What was that "ancient Chinese curse" again? Oh yeah--"May you live in interesting times." Who did I tick off?

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