Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This Day in History

On this day in 1991, Freddie Mercury died due to complications from AIDS.  He had only publicly acknowledged his sickness the day before, and his death was quite a surprise to me.

I had been listening to Queen for years, but because I didn't pay attention to the British tabloids, I had no clue that he might have been ill.  I thought that Queen wasn't touring in the United States for other reasons, and when I was transferred to Germany in 1991, I looked forward to possibly seeing them in concert.  That's what I get for being an oblivious 20 year old, I guess.

Freddie Mercury was a consumate performer and songwriter.  Yes, he was a controversial public figure, but his talent outshines all that.  His music has seen me through good times and bad, through joy and pain, and is a frequent feature in my life.  As time goes on, Queen's music will continue to be played.  It's beauty and intricacy will carry it for decades.

This song in particular rings true to me:

And I think Freddie would approve of this little tidbit of fun:

It was released yesterday, and I don't think the timing is coincidental.

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