Sunday, November 29, 2009

Police shootings in Tacoma

Just a couple of quick thoughts on the sad news about the policemen who were murdered this morning.

First, my families prayers go out to the families devastated by this senseless crime.  Families of cops have to understand that bad things may happen on the job, but no-one expects it to happen when there is no apparent danger.

No-one knows the details yet, so most of the commentary about it, including mine is speculation and ill-informed speculation at that.  Take this with as much salt as you like:
  • The slime who did this had to be targeting at least one of the officers.  No innocent bystanders even got scratched, according to all accounts. 
  • This is the second time in recent memory that someone killed in the Northwest.  What is going on?
  • If this continues, will we start devolving into the same situation as we see in third world countries where the police have to look at all citizens as potential killers, not because they're paranoid, but because it's prudent?
  • I sincerely hope that the other customers in the shop cooperate and provide all the information they can in finding the killer.  It will worry me almost as much as the actual killings if they don't either because they don't want to get involved or because they're afraid for themselves.
Anyway, I hope they catch the mutant who did this and he or she spends a long time in a dark place.  When the wolves realize that it's easier to get the sheep after killing the sheep dogs, we all have reason to worry.  The justice system needs to teach those who might think this is a good idea that it's not worth their lives.

For the police officers out there, I hope this remains a rarity, and I always pray for your safety.

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