Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm back

Well, it's been a week, and I feel almost human.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of last week were spent flat on my back. It's all kinda fuzzy, but I'm pretty sure the doctor opened up my face and stuck in a dinner plate. Irish Woman says I looked like a Who from Dr. Seuss, with a turned up nose.

I started moving around a little on Friday, and by Saturday I was able to walk across the house without getting the spins.

Sunday I had a little improvement, but not much.

Monday, the doctor removed the splints he put in, and almost immediately I felt much better. He also decided to "adjust" some things in my sinuses, which if done to a prisoner of war, would have gotten him in trouble with the Geneva Convention.

My boss has taken pity on me and allowed me to work from home today, and I go back tomorrow. I was supposed to take over our pager support for the week on Monday, but one of my guys has carried it for a couple of extra days. Can't complain about the people I work with.

Still no opinion on whether this was all worth it. It'll be a couple more weeks before I'm back to 100%. Hopefully it'll make use of my nose a bit better.

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