Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stupid Git of the Year Award

According to Fox News, a British agent in Colombia messed up their entire operation in South America by losing her purse.

How, might you ask, can losing a purse on a bus destroy an entire intelligence network?

Because the idiot was carrying around a thumb drive loaded with the identities of undercover agents and informants.

That's right, a supposedly trained and competent agent of MI-6 was walking around her target area with an easily accessible roster of the agents her agency was using to get at the local drug lords.

My guess was it was totally unencrypted. Our allies in Her Majesty's Secret Service were forced to move a whole bunch of people they had spent years getting in and getting to.

Here's the deal kids: Thumb drives are really neato for carrying around your term papers and pictures of your kids, but don't put anything you wouldn't want put on the front page of the local newspaper on them. Like your tax return, or your checking account records. Or maybe even the identities of your SECRET AGENTS.

And if you have to do this, try using some kind of encryption to at least make it difficult for the bad guys to get to the information.

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