Monday, April 13, 2009

1st Birthday

Well, Baby Bear has turned 1, and we had the customary gathering and feast for him on Saturday.

Much fun was had by all. Way too much food, lots of good friends, lots of toys that require batteries and anti-seizure medicine. Little Bear was cut loose by his mom for the party, and it was great to watch him play with his friends and brother and sister.

Since so many people were coming to the party, a very good friend graciously let us hold the party in her house. Irish Woman and I spent the better part of two days shopping and cooking for the event. Overall, we left her home in as good a condition as we found it. It's almost as much work to prepare for and clean up after a party at someone else's house as it is to have at your own.

Baby Bear got his own chocolate cake, as is customary. He dove in, literally. No need to encourage this kid. By the time he was done, he was covered from head to rump, and the high chair had to be taken out to the driveway and hosed down. When we took him to take a bath, he left a ring.

We definitely have to do something very nice for our friends.

Baby Bear's big present from us was a Radial Flyer all-steel wagon. He can be pulled in it for the time being, and when he gets bigger, he can use it as his own cargo trailer.

I need to think up a new nickname for Baby Bear. He's still a baby, but not for much longer. Once they get teeth and start walking, it's not long before they get toddler status. I'll have to do some thinking about that.

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