Friday, March 20, 2009

Interesting restaurant

The Irish Woman and I decided to go out to lunch today.

I drove downtown and met her at 4th Street Live, which is one of the efforts to get people to use downtown Louisville as something other than an open air drug market.

We decided to try something new today, so we went to a sports bar we hadn't tried yet.

We made our way up to the place, and got a booth.

The place had a bar area, several tables, and two banks of booths. Between the booths was a platform about 8 feet wide, with a mirrored column and two poles rising up from it to the ceiling. We took a booth so we could talk in some peace and watch the basketball game.

We ordered our meals and watched some of the Tennessee/Oklahoma State game. As we were finishing up, I looked over and noticed that one of the brass poles needed polishing. I then noticed that it was a brass pole, and had circular smudges from hands and other body parts on it from its base up to about 8 feet.

My guess is that it's a normal bar and grill during the day, but during the evening it's a bit more, shall we say, risque in order to draw in a larger crowd.

I mentioned my observations to the Irish Woman, who declared that she hadn't noticed, but now that I mentioned it, it did look like a stripper pole.

Guess we won't be taking the kids there for dinner.

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