Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Barista with a Gun

Saw this over at Alphecca.

Apparently, a coffee preparer at a Washington DC Starbucks shot himself in the leg at work the other day. Actually pulled a Burris on himself right there at the counter.

Jeff asks if the people at Starbucks actually call themselves a Barista, and the story he links to asks the question why a Barista might want to bring a gun to work.

To answer Jeff, their title is Barista. I'm not sure what they call themselves. I call them the guys behind the counter who bring me my hot bean juice.

As to why a Barista might want to bring a gun to work, have the "journalists" who wrote the article never been to a Starbucks during the early morning rush? If I had to put up with a never ending crowd of angry, jonesing coffee monkeys who aren't happy with my speed of pouring them their fix, I'd come armed.

Heck, I might come to work with a pistol, a machete, and a couple of torches to keep them at bay.

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