Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Need to start kicking some tuckus

OK, this is beginning to get on my nerves.

Apparently, the pirates that are using the Horn of Africa as a stomping ground and sanctuary are starting go for some stretch goals. They've now taken over a huge oil tanker and and a grain hauler. Must have eaten their Wheaties or something.

I have couple of questions:

Why aren't we exacting a little blood tribute from these guys? I mean, come on! What are they armed with, machine guns and RPG's? Like we've never had to face those before.

Put a couple of destroyers and cruisers alongside the ships, demand surrender, and if they don't, send in a company of Marines with assurances that there's no need to be careful about taking captives. If we can't take the ships, I suggest we sink them and let the pirates try to swim to shore under fire.

And then the Marines can add another line to their Hymn.

Piracy for ransom is only profitable if the pirates in question believe that someone will pay for their captive ship or crew, and that someone with more men and bigger guns won't come in and turn you into shark chum.

Lloyds of London needs to start telling the people who insure their ships with them that they need to prove that adequate armed security is onboard if the ship is going to be going into these waters. I'm sure that Blackwater would be happy to put a squad or two of mercenaries out for hire. Once the pirates learn that the targets are going to start shooting at people who try to board them, they'll either back down or escalate to the point where national powers intervene in a meaningful way.

I'm not convinced that shippers will do this, but a convoy system from the Suez canal to Yemen might be in order. At least that way there'll be a couple of destroyers available to knock the snot out of anyone who tries to get frisky.

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