Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Middle School Open House

Well, Girlie Bear's middle school had their open house last night. Just a tour and some get-to-know-us speeches from the principal and teachers.

I ended up taking Baby Bear with us because the Irish Woman was swamped with work stuff at home. I only expected it to last a half hour or so, but it ended up being a 2 hour engagement.

I have to say that I'm quite excited about Girlie Bear going to this school. It's clean, appears to be in good condition, and has a reputation for order. We'll have to invest in khakis and polo's for her, which I'm not thrilled about. But I prefer my children wearing something close to a uniform if the alternative is to have all of the other girls dressed in the "I wanna be a ho" starter set and have her ask me why she can't wear skirts that would be better used as belts.

Thankfully, Baby Bear behaved himself throughout the evening. No fussing, no crying, nothing. I kept him entertained byletting him maul one of the brochures they handed out. He was quite heavy by the end of all the tours, etc., but I can't complain about a baby who's patient for 2 hours.

But when we got back to the car, he let loose and kept crying until he fell asleep in our driveway. He was tired, hungry, and over stimulated, and he told me in no uncertain terms that it was all my fault. He was OK once we got him into the house and took care of his needs.

So, my baby girl is going to middle school next year, and my baby boy is excellent in public. Nothing to complain about here....

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