Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not in my backyard!

What a crock.

One of the local homeless shelters wants to put a facility for women and children into a building that used to be a Catholic high school, and the local neighborhood association and city council member are opposing it.

This is the second time that Wayside Christian Mission has tried to acquire property to move into and has been shut down by the local authorities because they don't want something like this in their back yard.

It's not like they're moving across town. Check this out.

That's right ladies and gentlemen. They're moving 1.4 miles. Apparently it's OK for a good work to happen on one side of the railroad tracks but not on the other.

This NIMBY stuff gets under my skin something fierce. Louisville likes to portray itself as a progressive city, but when an organization that actually walks the walk wants to move to a good area of town and actually provide services to the homeless, these so called humanists get up in arms.

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