Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another day with no school

Well, another day when the kids don't have school.

I spent yesterday getting over working a 3rd shift watching our servers in an area that has had power problems. Apparently the generator backup had issues, and they wanted several people on site at all times to shut down servers if the power went out again.

Luckily, the generator was repaired, and I didn't have to do another midnight to 8 shift last night.

School is still out in Louisville, although power seems to be returning to a lot of the area. I spent almost an hour yesterday morning looking for a gas station that had both electricity and gasoline. Got lucky and was able to fill up with less than half a gallon of gas left in the tank.

Junior Bear and Girlie Bear have spent some time in the last couple of days cleaning up our yard. Lots of leaves and small branches to clean up. I also introduced Junior Bear to a pool skimmer net to use to get the leaves out of the pond. The cherry tree next to the big pond shed almost half of its leaves in the storm, and had turned the water to the color of strong tea. The fish seem to be OK, but it can't be good for them, so we got the leaves out.

Going to start picking up cut up wood from people we know who lost trees soon. May as well stockpile it either for late in this winter or for next year.

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