Monday, September 1, 2008

My weekend

Well, it was a pretty good weekend. Girlie Bear went to her mom's house for a visit until this morning, so Irish Woman and I started the process of updating her room. We're putting in a chair rail and doing a two-tone paint job. A light shade of purple will go above the chair rail, and a darker shade will go below it. Girlie Bear picked these out with help from Irish Woman. Irish Woman is doing the actual painting, and I'm doing the grunt work and chair rail.

I also got Girlie Bear a new desk. She's outgrown the desk she's been using for the past couple of years. Once it's done, her room will no longer be a little girl's room, but will be where a pre-teen goes to study and sleep. That'll be a surprise when we finish her room.

Irish Woman got an early birthday present. I got her a new iMac for her sole personal use, and a new computer desk to put it on. We put it up in the bedroom so that it's not a temptation for the kids to try to use it, and Irish Woman can use it in peace when she's working on her photography.

It took several tries to get all of her data from the old Mac Mini to her new iMac. I tried to do it over the network, but she just had way too much data and it kept timing out. I eventually had to dig up a firewire cable and connect the two computers.

Irish Woman is very happy with her new computer and is currently trying to find the maximum load she can put it under.

Baby Bear went swimming today for the first time. At first, he wasn't too sure about the whole thing, but after a couple of moments he was laughing and splashing away. Girlie Bear and Junior Bear had fun playing peekaboo by ducking under the water and then coming up with a splash.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as I enjoyed mine.

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