Friday, September 12, 2008

Bring it, little man

Apparently Hugo Chavez thinks that it's time to up his ego trip a notch.

Bolivia has kicked out our ambassador, and we've told his ambassador to not let the door hit him on the ass. So Chavez has puffed out his little chest, gotten onto a step stool to reach the microphones, and told our ambassador to get out of his country. Why he's done this is beyond me. It doesn't even begin to concern Venezuala, but why ask why a crazy bastard does what he does.

He's also threatening us again when it comes to oil. Why we continue to buy from this maniac is beyond me.

Here's an idea: We tell Mexico and Canada that we'll buy every drop of oil they can sell us, and we start producing more of our own.

Then we tell this twit with a Napoleon complex to go get stuffed. Let's see how much the world cares about his 3rd world jerkwater hole when he doesn't have the yankee dollars raining in. Sure, he can sell somewhere else, but he won't make as much doing it. And we don't have to make it easy for him to do.

Here's another idea: We tell the world shipping community that any ship that transits Venezualean waters in any way is no longer welcome in our ports. Same goes for airplanes.

We're not telling the rest of the world to not do business with Chavez, we're just telling them that if they do business with Chavez, they don't get to do business with us.

Screw him and the rest of his crazy Latin America head kooks in charge.

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