Thursday, May 3, 2012

News Roundup

  • From the "This one goes to 11" Department - A man in New York was arrested recently when police clocked him going over 150 miles an hour on the highway.  He is reported to have bragged that his motorcycle could go up to 190, which I'm sure every police officer loves to hear.  "You're busting me for this?  Heck, I can go a lot faster!"  Captain Turnpike didn't have a motorcycle license either, and is being held on bail.
  • From the "Not Helping" Department - The head of Russia's armed forces has threatened to conduct pre-emptive strikes against NATO anti-missile sites in Eastern Europe.  His remarks were made during a conference on how to overcome friction over missile defense between Russia and NATO.  This is a good chance for President Obama to show a little spine.  If he were to come out in the next few days demanding that Russia clarify the general's remarks and either affirm or repudiate them, I'd give him credit.  But I'm not holding my breath.
  • From the "Samurai Sword Savings" Department - A shoplifter in Washington escaped recently after he pulled a sword on a security guard.  Captain Kirosawa left his ill-gotten goods behind when he ran away.  This is one of the reasons I'm OK with security guards carrying a gun. In this case it would have been wakizashi meets Walther, and I'm pretty sure Walther wins.
  • From the "Get An Intern" Department - A road in British Columbia was closed recently when a truck hauling sewage overturned and sprung a leak.  And you thought you had a bad day.  Somehow this puts having to sit on a conference call all afternoon into perspective. 


Suz said...

Note to self:
Never, EVER, issue a mild complaint on this blog.

"Cuz, HOLY CRAP!!!

DaddyBear said...


Suz said...

When I click on your blog title, it's all normal, but when I open an individual post, the font is MASSIVE! (I thought you changed it as a joke!)

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