Saturday, December 11, 2010

Utterly Amazing

H/T to FarmDad on this one:

An 86 year old cancer patient decided he wanted to hunt, and he was able to take a deer from the comfort of his chair:

It wasn't long before a huge 8-point buck emerged from the woods, the biggest that Mr. Warner or his son had ever had the opportunity to take. They marveled at their good fortune. A hunter can go days without seeing a buck.
"Well, shoot it," Mr. Warner told Brian.
"No, you're gonna shoot it," his son replied.
Mr. Warner stood up from the recliner and took aim. The buck bolted. He followed it for 80 or 90 yards. Then, as it slowed down, he pulled the trigger.
A perfect shot.
This determined man, along with a loving family, was able to bring something he enjoyed all his life to the way he ended it.  

My only hope is that when my time comes that I will be able to spend it surrounded by my family and doing something that means as much to me as the yearly deer hunt means to this man.

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