Friday, December 10, 2010

Speaking of Intel

Brigid over at Home On The Range gives some hints to women on the aspects of men that they may not understand.

My favorite:

So when you just surprise your mate with "honey would you go to the store and get eggs and milk" and he's sent into battle with no time for preparation, bombarded by countless displays that make no ergonomic sense and people shoving food and products at him "want to try the new Kiwi/Persimmon Pop Tart, now with antioxidants" he just wants to escape and as quickly as possible. Which is why he comes home with a case of beer, a bottle of olives and a birch tree.
Go have a read.


Old NFO said...

Beer yes, olives no... :-)

Brigid said...

Old NFO - and NO green peas. I remember.

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