Monday, August 9, 2010

Thoughts for the Day

  1. You can complain that your husband doesn't do enough of the yard work, or you can complain that you were stuck in the house all morning while he went out and mowed, trimmed, weeded, and cut down for 3 hours.  You can't complain about both.
  2. If you write a PERL module, please write the documentation so that the users will know which function to call.  Bonus if you provide code samples.  Minuses if the titles to your functions don't describe what they do.
  3. There are few better ways to begin a Monday morning than a cup of hot coffee and a bowl of Life cereal.
  4. If you go to the zoo, and it's 90 degrees in the shade, don't complain that all the animals are just sitting around.   If you don't feel like running around in your front yard to entertain passers-by, then why should the animals?
  5. Dropping a check into the printer can make it hard to deposit.


Shannon said...

That first one is funny....and so very true.

tom said...

IF you write a module for anything, there's this thing...Old involves putting comments in the code that people will understand long after you are fired...Just saying...Not like I ever had to bat "clean-up" on a long dead legacy VMS gig written by CRACKHEADS...that'd be "conjecture", but it may have happened, and the code was written by people that did not understand VMS, Tru-64, or Alpha chips on the binary level, but they sure wrote weird stuff with no comments that would make you want to poke your own eyes out...and eventually quit your job to go back to machining things for a living???

It's really not "that hard" to write understandable code to people that don't even speak the language you are writing in, unless you are on a pure assembler or lower level.

This rant brought to you by the moron that confused himself for YEARS by starting to play with LISP when he was a toddler, and btw, LISP sucks, but it's a good way to make yourself create really extensive circular bits of code...


tom said...

FWIW, THIS PAGE (RIP) was created by my buddy who, he and I fleeced frat kids that thought they new geometry, on the billiards tables, to pay for our beers. He KNEW how to write CLEAN code. If only everybody wrote code like Duck did!

Man KNEW how to CODE and COMMENT for future workers.

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