Wednesday, August 18, 2010


If you're sitting on the couch watching Disney Channel with your son, and the following things happen while watching "Handy Manny", you're probably dreaming:

  1. One of Manny's anthropomorphic tools destroys half a day's worth of work through tomfoolery, as they are want to do, and Manny responds by saying "If you do that again, you little pendejo, I will weld your molten carcass to the sidecar of my motorcycle!".
  2. Mr. Lopar, instead of running a candy store, runs a medical marijuana dispensary.  He is wearing a white tee shirt with a marijuina leaf and "Legalize It!" stenciled on it.
  3. Kelly, who is still running the hardware store, has changed her look a bit.  She's gone to a very butch haircut, no make up, a flannel shirt worn open like a light jacket, and a Che Guavera tee shirt.  She engages Manny and his tools in a debate on the merits of the recent Proposition 8 decision.

I'm not sure what brought this on last night, but I figured out it was a dream when the screwdriver started cussing at the wrench in Spanish.

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