Monday, August 9, 2010

For Shame

Shame on the police at the national mall in Washington DC. A group of students was moved to begin singing the Star Spangled Banner while visiting the Lincoln Memorial. They were quickly shushed by Officer Friendly because they were in a 'content neutral' area.

Riddle me this Batman. If it's not appropriate to sing patriotic songs near memorials to our national heroes and war dead, exactly where is it appropriate?

The official who commented in the story said that the area was off limits so that other visitors wouldn't be bothered and could just be tourists, and that would be how president Lincoln would have wanted it. Someone needs to tell the tourists that those piles of stone weren't erected for their entertainment. And something tells me Honest Abe, who asked for Dixie to be played on the White House lawn after making a speech about the end of the Civil War, would not have objected.

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