Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full

Some brainiac at the White House thought it would be neato to get some nice photos of Air Force One against the Manhattan skyline. So they fired up the jet, did a fly by, and had a grand time. Of course the Air Force had to send a chase plane or two to guard the Presidents plane.

They forgot one box in their checklist. They forgot to tell anyone else about it. Not the mayor of New York, much less the people of the Big Apple.

One shudders at the idiocy of someone thinking it would be a good freaking idea to have a 747 and some fighter jets buzz Manhattan unannounced. Kinda like parking a Ryder truck in front of the new federal building in Oklahoma City and walking away. Or having a fat girl deliver pizza to the Clinton library. These things tend to make people jumpy.

I hope they televise the butt chewings that this brought about. It would be nice to know who was responsible and watch them walk off the White House grounds with the contents of their desk in a small box on CNN.

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