Thursday, April 2, 2009

An iPod?

You have got to be kidding me!

You meet with the Queen of England, the head of state for our oldest and closest ally, and you give her an iPod full of photographs of her trip to the US and show tunes?

What, did his kids run out of macaroni to create pictures with or something?

Has our president finally lost his ever loving mind? I know he's not this dumb, so it must be a psychological issue with the British.

It was bad enough he gave the British Prime Minister a bunch of DVD's that he couldn't watch, but to give the Queen an iPod is showing a great lack of tact and judgement.

If you wanted to give her photos of her visits to the US, then do it with some class and give her a nicely bound album that's done professionally. At least that way she can look at them in a couple of years when the JPEG standard changes to the point that today's digital pics don't work.

And to give her show tunes like she was some sophomore from Wellesley who takes the train down to the city to see Rent is insulting at the very least.

I hope our cousins in Albion overlook this latest slight the next time we come to them for support on some important issue.

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