Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm DaddyBear, and I approve this message

It's morning in America.  We've all been on a bender for the past four years, and now it's time to pick the next set of dudes to send on a beer run.

The children have been in charge of this country for too long.  For their entire life, they've gotten everything they wanted just by asking.  The most work they've had to do is throw a temper tantrum, accuse their denier of being mean, and then sulk until they get their way.  For the past four years, they have used these tactics to bankrupt us, deny that our country deserves to be defended, and denigrate their betters who forgo the pursuit of money and power to make the world a better place.

And what has this gotten us?

Our national debt, including deficits and unfunded obligations, is now measured in numbers that we used to use to make hyperbolic statements.  Our standing among our closest allies is somewhere between whale crap and the bottom of the sea.  Our enemies treat the threats and pronouncements of our 'leadership' the same way I treat the barking of a Pomeranian with irritable bowel syndrome.

Are you better off than you were four years ago?

The federal government isn't supposed to actively sabotage the economy.  But for at least the past 18 years, the government has been actively undermining our countries ability to provide for itself.

First there was NAFTA, or the Bush/Clinton Third World Jobs Program.  Ross Perot should be offered the role of Cassandra in the next Broadway ripoff of Agamemnon.  Manufacturing jobs have been moving south and east so fast I'm surprised there isn't a backblast.  I'd love to continue to buy American, but all of the jobs that Sam Walton created by being proud to stock American made goods at Walmart have been exported to a slave labor camp somewhere in Inner Mongolia now that his children are in charge of the company.

Then we have the changes to the financial regulatory system, especially the part that watches the banks and mortgage industries, brought in during the Clinton administration.  While we were all worried about the president lying to a grand jury, (it's called perjury, look it up.  It's one of the few crimes actually mentioned in the Constitution) Clinton's minions were pissing in the intake fans of the parts of the economy that create the friggin money!

Then we had Bush the Younger, also known as W.  Not only did he not reverse the damage his father and Bubba did to our economy, he borrowed money from BLOODY COMMUNISTS at a rate that at the time seemed astronomical. Is it just me, or is it not a bad idea to be going into debt with a country that less than a generation ago we were actively considering how to nuke back to the Stone Age.  A country that 30 years ago was killing its own people trying to figure out how to grow enough grain that parents wouldn't have to draw lots to see which of their children ate that day?

And now we have Barack Obama, the first black Irish president.  I was appalled by W's spending, but this guy makes W look like small potatoes.  It would take the rest of my life to count to the number this bluntskull spends before breakfast some days.  He has pissed in the face of the British, who by the way have been our friends since before his granddaddy thought grandma looked kinda sexy in her bathrobe.   He's bowed to every two bit, uneducated, inbred, anencephalic son of a scruffy looking nurf herder that he's met in the past two years. 

Don't get me started about defense.  Our troops are flying aircraft that at best was designed and tested prior to the start of my college student's life.  They're using rifles that were designed in the '50's.  They're driving trucks that are usually older than their drivers.  They're driving tanks that are usually older than the staff weenies who tell the tankers what to shoot and then run over.  We haven't had a coherent strategy since the fall of the Berlin Wall on how we're going to protect the lives of American citizens and the American homeland.

And our rights as citizens?  Puhhlease.  We should re-bury John Adams and Thomas Jefferson after we wrap their horrified corpses in copper wire so we can at least recoup some green energy from their outrage.  Every time I turn around, the Department of Homeland Security is looking for a new way to search grandmothers in wheel chairs while actively resisting any methods that single out those who have a high statistical chance of being terrorists because that might hurt their feelings.

So with Election Day 2010 just around the corner, I am pleading with the voters of the United States to wake the hell up.  We should be mad as hell and we don't have to take this anymore.

The incumbents are the problem.  We have created a political class in this country that believes that as long as it gives us bread and circuses we will continue to let them ride this country into the ground.  That's right, we created them.  By allowing politicians and their staffs to set up permanent kleptocratic offices inside the Beltway, we've created a ruling class in our society that wasn't designed to have one.

Next month, vote them out, vote them all out.  I will be voting against each and every incumbent that is on the ticket.  On the few races that are open this year, I am voting for the candidate that is honest enough to tell me that the government is broken and that the next few years are going to suck the Zub Kabir.

Here's my advice for the upcoming elections.  Please take it into mind when you're trying to figure out which of the usual gang of idiots you're going to vote for:
  • If someone is telling you that a bright new day is just around the corner, put your hand on your wallet and lock up your valuables and your women. 
  • If someone is crowing about their accomplishments in the past few years as a politician, they are a deranged person, and need sedation and treatment away from society.
  • If someone tells you that their opponent is a low down dirty lying snake in the grass, take it as a given that they're projecting their own issues.

This message brought to you by the DaddyBear Committee to Bring Politicians to Heel.  Or at least neuter them so that the bloodlines clean themselves up over a few generations.

I'm DaddyBear, and I approve this message because I'm tired of being 'led' by the kids that didn't get enough hugs in Mrs. Torkelson's preschool.

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Julie said...

well said -

oh and when it comes to politican's electioneering promises - just ask yourself how life would be if the exact opposite actually occurs - because it probably will ....

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