Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Daily Report

01:30 - Finish working on Girlie Bear's new netbook
01:45 - Order a new pistol from SOG. God Bless America!
05:45 - Get up to help get Girlie Bear, BooBoo, and Irish Woman out the door.
06:45 - After a leisurely breakfast, leave the house for work.
09:15 - Arrive at work.  Pass by 4 separate, unrelated accidents, 5 more that were related to those accidents, and was almost killed on at least two occasions by rubberneckers who slammed on the accelerator while looking at an accident, then slammed on the brake to miss the next one.  A 35 minute drive on interstates turns into 2+ hours on surface streets.  Thanks Kentucky Drivers!
11:45 - While eating re-heated chili for lunch, was accosted by a Database Administrator who wanted to know why he only got 16gb of SAN space allocated to his database when he requested 160.  After checking when I got back to my desk, I checked his email, and he requested 16.  Tell him, very politely, to go pound sand.
16:00 - Finish allocating almost 2 terabyte worth of disk space to 92 separate file systems, on 20 different servers, attached to four different SAN's.
17:00 - Go to Girlie Bear's school for teacher conference.  Alles in Ordnung
18:00 - Dinner.  Spaghetti.  No beer.  No ice cream for dessert.  Diets suck.
19:00 - Present new computer to Girlie Bear.  She does some homework on it and plays for a while before pronouncing that it is satisfactory.
20:00 - After a little TV, put BooBoo to bed.  He falls asleep in minutes!
20:15 - Do dishes and put away dinner
21:00 - Get on chat line with buddies
21:40 - Write on blog through haze of exhaustion.


Julie said...

LOL ... sounds like a fun one.

Shannon said...

I'm exhausted just reading it.

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