Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Range Report

Girlie Bear and I got up bright and early today and went down to the public shooting range at Taylorsville Lake WMA.  We go fishing not far from there, so I knew the general area.  But I'm glad I looked at a map to find the road that goes back to the shooting range.  There is a sign on the main road pointing the way, but if you're not looking for it, you'll probably miss it.

The range itself is very nice.  It was built last year, and is still in excellent condition.  There are 6 shooting positions, each one centered on a target set at a known distance, ranging from 10 to 50 yards.  The range is bench shooting only, through tubes, so no practicing your sitting, standing, or kneeling fire.  You provide your own targets, but must use the designated target stands provided by the range.  It's great for practicing or training, but pistol shooting would be pretty boring, in my opinion. No shotgunning is allowed at all, although they have enough land set aside to set up a skeet or trap range in the future.

Overall, it's a very nice range.  The minuses I've already listed, but it has a lot of plusses.  Number one is the cost.  It's free to the public, so my hunting and fishing license fees help to pay for it.   Also, there is no range safety officer.  You're on your own honor to be safe, although there is a sign stating that the area is under camera surveillance.  When it's just a couple of people shooting, that works really well.  If I went there when it was crowded, I'd want to get to know the other shooters before I went downrange without having an RSO to watch them.  Additionally, the location of the range is closer to my home than Knob Creek, which is a big plus.  KCR is a great time every time, but it's a schlep to get there and back.  This range was only about 25 minutes from my driveway. 

Today, Girlie Bear and I shot .22's.  She had her single shot Rossi, and I was breaking in the new 10/22.  We concentrated on trigger squeeze and follow through.  Over time, her technique on the trigger got better, and I introduced her to dime and washer exercises.  We'll keep working on it and go back to the range in a couple of weeks.

I put about 100 rounds down the barrel of the 10/22, and my groups weren't too bad.  I tried adjusting the rear sight to bring my groups into the center of my target, but the factory sights require the loosening of two small screws, moving the sight, and tightening the screws.  Not very easy to do on the range.  I got some advice on better sights, and am intrigued by the TechSights 10/22 sets.  They seem to be modeled on the M16A2 peep sights that I'm familiar with.  Those might make a nice addition to this little rifle.

We had a great morning.  Many thanks to Kentucky Fish and Wildlife for the new shooty place!

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Scott McCray said...

DB -

No pictures? Where are your manners, man? (grin)
Sounds like y'all had a great time!

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