Friday, July 16, 2010

Mystery Jet

A friend of mine forwarded this picture to me.  It was taken recently at Bowman Field here in Louisville.

By the painting on the rear of the fuselage and the tail, I'm guessing it's a U.S. aircraft of Vietnam War vintage.

He asked me if I recognized it, and I didn't.  Since I love a challenge, I started pouring over websites that listed U.S aircraft from that era.  I've found a few things that are close, but nothing definite.

Here's all I know:  It appears to be a single engine, straight wing jet aircraft.  I'm about 85% sure on the straight wing, but if it's swept wing, it's pretty gradual.  There are what appear to be auxiliary fuel tanks on the end of the wings.  The wings sit just at the bottom edge of the fuselage, with engine intakes just to the front of and above the wing.  There is possibly another intake above and to the rear of the canopy.

Like I said, nothing I can find is a perfect match for this photo.  Closest thing I can find is the A-37 Dragonfly/T-37 Tweetybird.  But on those two, the shape of the tail and the fuselage are not quite right, so unless it's a variant, that's not right.  So, I'm stumped.

So, all of you aircraft guys out there.  Any ideas on what this is?


bluesun said...

Is it a BAC Jet Provost? The tail looks better.

DaddyBear said...

By George, I think you've got it!

The owner must have added the U.S. markings for decoration, not authenticity.


bluesun said...

Sweet. I've never heard of it before, but I like an airplane challenge.

BOB said...

It is definitely a BAC Jet Provost. The owner just painted it with US Airforce markings, but US never used this type

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