Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A gun company going out of business?

Izmash, the Russian company that makes AK-47's, among other things, is in deep financial doodoo, and may go into bankruptcy.

I have a Mosin that was made by it's predecessor Soviet factory in the '30's, and it's rock solid.

If Izmash goes out of business, it would be a loss to people who want good, solid firearms and not pay through the nose for them.

Apparently they're losing money because the Russian government has curtailed weapons spending, and they are having to compete with all of those countries that the USSR licensed their designs to back during the Cold War.

Rumors are also saying that their executive management is pretty incompetent.

But I have to ask:

If you can't make a profit making guns in this market, just how messed up a business person are you?

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