Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Pick of the Season

OK, here's the guidelines for my picks:

I will pick each and every game played in the regular and post season. I will go for straight wins, not against the spread. I will always pick against Philadelphia and Dallas. I will almost always pick for Green Bay, Oakland, Washington, and Minnesota. I will post a running tally of my results on Tuesday evenings. I will explain my pick when I can, but not always. Some picks will be well thought out, a lot of them will be a coin toss. Picks for Thursday night games will be done on Wednesday evening. All others will be done either on Friday evening or Saturday morning

You guys keep me honest, now.

And without further adieu:

Thursday night is the opener. Pittsburg and Tennessee.

I'm picking the Steelers. Both teams looked really good in the preseason, but Pittsburg is coming off of the Super Bowl. I think they will take this one.

Are you ready for some football? I sure am.

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