Sunday, September 6, 2009

Airlines going Greyhound

A British company is working on new seating designs that would cram even more people into an airliner. People on the outside would face in, people on the inside would face back to back, which means a good fraction of the passengers would be riding backwards. Air sickness bags, anyone?

Apparently RyanAir, the Irish equivalent of Southwest, is considering a new design that would put passengers into a standing position throughout the flight. Again, this would allow them to pack us in even tighter.

To me, passenger airlines are in a race to the bottom. Prices are usually high if you want to go anywhere even remotely interesting during a time that is right to travel. You don't get fed, and they probably don't offer a glass of water unless you pay through the nose for it. Direct flights are almost a distant memory, so you're stopping at least twice for a flight of any measurable distance.

Other than it not taking days to get across the country, how is this different from taking the bus or the train?

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