Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Self Declaration

According to this (H/T to Uncle), I guess I can be described as a domestic extremist.

So I'm just going to confirm it.   My views on personal privacy, government inefficiency, and how transportation security are being done run right into that classification, according to DHS Secretary Napolitano.

As for whether or not I'm inciting others to make life difficult for TSA agents who want to check out what you look like under your clothes either by eye or by feel, let me be perfectly clear:  I believe that it is every American's patriotic duty to resist this stupidity to the utmost they can do without breaking the law.  That means forcing TSA agents to glove up.  That means slowing down the line.  That means reminding the sheep that the sheepdogs don't have the power to 'help them over the fence'. 

And you know what?  My words here are protected speech.  I invite any government goon who disagrees with that statement to pucker up.  I am going to keep ranting, complaining, and trying to persuade my fellow citizens to politely obstruct these ridiculous 'security' measures until they go away or until my fingers can no longer type.

So DHS can put me on whatever list they want.  Here's my contact information:

Mr. Daddy Bear
1234 KisMiAce Drive
Louisville Kentucky, United States of America.

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