Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking back

Well, 2008 is in its last hours.

It's been an eventful year.

First of all, we have a new baby. Baby Bear is fast becoming a participating part of the family, and having a new member of the group keeps us on our toes.

Next, Girlie Bear started living with us full time. That alone would have made this a great year.

On a non-personal note, the country went through the most contentious election I've ever seen. Even though I don't agree with the result, I hope we can remember how to get along and work together. We're going to need it. The Zombiepocalypse is just around the corner in 2012, and we haven't even begun to dig trenches around the neighborhood and fill them with oil.

The price of oil has been the highest anyone has ever seen, and now it's at almost historical lows. I'm not sure I like that large a swing. Extreme changes in markets result in extreme reactions and consequences. If OPEC and the other oil producing 3rd world crapholes cut production too much, it's Road Warrior in Kentucky, and how is that going to help us get ready for the zombies?

The war in Iraq is finally looking better, not that anyone is giving the troops and President Bush much credit. I expect that the new administration will start drawing down our presence in Mesopotamia quickly after they take power. My hope is that I won't be seeing a withdrawal ala Vietnam 1975. A lot of blood and treasure will be wasted if we withdraw too quickly and the government we've propped up in Iraq collapses.

The war in Afghanistan, well that's another matter. My guess is that any forces that are taken out of Iraq will be re-directed to Afghanistan. Hopefully, we will be able to stabilize that area a bit more. Western powers have been able to bring peace and order to this area since Alexander, so I'll probably be talking about this next New Years Eve.

The economy this year has taken the biggest gut punch I've seen in my lifetime. A lot of the trouble seems to be that no-one in the past few years seems to remember that it's not a good idea to make loans that the recipients have no way to repay. Funny, I seem to remember that one from finance classes in high school almost 20 years ago.

Anyhoo, hope y'all had a good year. Thanks for stopping by and have a great New Years Eve.

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