Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We Shoot Mad Dogs, Don't We?

Apparently the sick bastard that kidnapped, drugged and raped 14 year old Elizabeth Smart is suffering from psychotic episodes and seizures.  This is the nutball that took her from her family at knifepoint in the dead of night, hid her appearance when she was in public with him, and kept her on drugs and alcohol while he raped her so he could breed a new race. His family is reporting that he's had mental issues his entire life.

And my compassionate response is "So what?".

Full disclosure - I'm a father of four, including a 12 year old daughter.  I have a visceral desire to see this scum torn limb from limb and the parts nailed to the fence outside of a prison as a reminder to its residents.

Look, I understand that people who have psychiatric problems can do things that they believe are right and the rest of think are horrific.  I know they don't know they're doing wrong, and punishing them does nothing to either correct their behavior or heal the victims.

But this waste of protoplasm clearly knew that he had to hide what he was doing.  He came as a thief in the night to steal a little girl from her family.  He covered her up while in public so that others wouldn't recognize her.  He doped her up to make her pliable and to keep her from running away or talking to anyone else.  If he truly didn't think that what he did was despicable, then why take these precautions?  Why not grab her in broad daylight where the world could see?  Why change her appearance in public?  Why control her with drugs? If he truly believed that he was doing as the Lord wanted him to, he would have had no reason to cover up his crimes.

This piece of filth needs to be punished quickly, publicly, and savagely.  Any other hairball who thinks it might be a good idea to grab a child to use as their own self-warming sex doll might think twice if this ignorant bastard was forced to dance a jig at the end of a rope.


motoroz said...

Just found your blog and your great post. I think there are a lot more folks that agree with your position than the liberal judges think. There is only one 100% proven way to reduce repeat offenders.

Mr. Casey said...

Hanging is too good for this form of scum. I want to see levels of retribution that are commiserate with the crimes. I want to see medieval tortures for this kind of s.o.b. Drawn and quartered would be justice served for this guy.

Yes, it's extreme. Yes, I understand the implications in a not always perfect justice system. Yes, I know what it sounds like.

But I don't care. Bring back the fire, bring back the spikes, bring back pits of starved wolves.

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