Friday, December 3, 2010

Fanboi-ness notched up a tad

A few weeks ago I realized I had the oldest computer in the house. My daily use computer was a first generation Mac Mini that I ordered the day they announced the line. It was speedy enough when I bought it in 2005, but it was really showing it's age when I tried to use Open Office or open a lot of tabs in Firefox. Since it's a G4 Mac, a lot of newer software flat won't run on it.

Yesterday I rectified that situation. Girlie Bear and I went to the Apple store and walked out with a new MacBook. 2gb of RAM, 250gb hard drive.  It's definitely got the horsepower to do the word processing, web surfing, and IRC chatting that I use a computer for 95% of the time, and should do just fine with the other 5% too.

So early Merry Christmas to me.


ShortWoman said...

IRC?? I used to do that. My nick was ilsa.

ZerCool said...

Lucky you!

I've still got a PowerMac G4/667 sitting on my desk at home. It's functional, but definitely long in the tooth.

I don't expect I'll be spending any more money with Cupertino, though - I just can't get behind Apple's current business model.

DaddyBear said...

I started hanging out in a room earlier this year. Good people.

I considered a Linux netbook, but I want more screen landscape than that. If I went to a full size laptop, the cost for a comparable system wasn't that much less than the Mac, and I'd have to do the compatibility boogie. Steve Jobs (PBUH) isn't evil enough, yet, for me to stop giving him oodles of cash for good product.

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