Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Louisville Edition

Some stupid, sadistic waste of protoplasm threw a border collie out of a moving car on I-65 in Louisville today.  The poor thing has injuries to it's hips, pelvis, legs, spine, and a whole lot more. 

Things like this remind me why I'm not a huge fan of humans sometimes. 

What the hell is going through your head that you take a dog, a border collie, one of the most loyal and loving breeds of a species that is noted for being a loving companion, and pitch them out of your car moving at least 55 miles an hour?

When they catch this sack of monkey dung, I hope that he or she is given the same injuries as the dog, but not all at once. First we break the pelvis, then let it heal and rehab.  Then we break the vertebrae, and let that heal and rehab.  Next we break his legs, and let him hobble around for a few months.  Finally we pull a leg out of the hip socket and make the son of a bitch walk home.  All this time, we use a Binford 4000 belt sander to strip off most of the skin on several parts of his body.  Repeatedly.  While sitting him in a fine mist of rubbing alcohol and turpentine.

1 comment:

Old NFO said...

There are assholes and they there are ASSHOLES! I agree with the punishment...

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