Friday, September 10, 2010

Thought for the day

One of the benefits of having a Siamese cat is that sometimes you get to stand in as prey. Usually just as you start to fall asleep.


On a Wing and a Whim said...

You can get that with any cat - Gremlin seems to view all humans as toys for his amusement.

The difference, I think, is that the Siamese will tell you all about it. I've only met one quiet Siamese!

Shannon said...

My daughter saved a cat and her kitten from the desert (and the neighbor who apparently did not feel it necessary to have her (1) female cat spayed, thus producing countless kittens over the course of two years) - we found the kitten a home and India kept the cat. India is Pepper's personal plaything - asleep, awake..doesn't matter...I always tell India it is the cat's way of showing appreciation for her salvation. Animals always have interesting ways of expressing their feelings for us!

ShortWoman said...

Right now I am thankful that my Ragdoll only shows her Siamese heritage by occasionally yelling at me, usually because she doesn't feel I have gotten out of bed in a timely fashion.

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