Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Suffer the little children....

Nothing like the "sins" of the mothers coming back to bite the daughters in the ass.  An Episcopal preschool in Texas has refused to admit a 4 year old little girl for the horrific sin of having two mommies

I'm not as good a Christian as I could be, but I at least recognize that you don't encourage people to live better lives by shunning their children.  We all come to the Lord as sinners, broken and bereft.  But you don't punish the family of someone you consider a sinner in order to make a statement about the sin.

Is homosexuality something that transgresses against the mandates of Christ's Gospels?  Who knows?  I've read the new testament a few times, and I've never seen it mentioned.  There are some passages in the Old Testament which seem to be where all of the justification for the kerfluffle over gay marriage is coming from.  But that raises the question of do we put the laws of the Old Testament, in all their intricacy and breadth, over the law of the New Testament, which is to love each other as Christ loves us.  Period.  Not "Love the people who look and think like you" or "Love the people who don't stray from the norm".   Do we shun a "sinner", or do we accept the person who does things we disagree with as a member of Christ's flock and try, through our own example, to help them to live better lives as Christians?

Look, I'm the last person who should be judging who should and who shouldn't be allowed to marry.  I admit that.  Is marriage between two adults who happen to be of the same sex wrong and evil and blasphemous?  Not my call.   What happens between two adults is none of my business.  If a church decides not to take that same stance in regards to the adults, that's their call.  They can deny them access to sacraments such as communion, confession, or marriage.  Their church, their rules. 

But a child that is being raised by two gay parents has no dog in that fight.  This little girl only knows that two women love her, and are trying to get her into a school to start her education off to a good start.  My guess is that the parents in this situation will take their child somewhere else so that the little one won't be mixed up in the chest beating that this kind of situation can bring on both sides.

If a church restricts me in a way that I don't feel is in keeping with Christ's message or enforces rules that I find offensive, I can leave, will leave, and have left to find another place to share my worship.  This "Christian" church should feel ashamed of itself and re-read the Gospel which was brought not for just a select group, but for all.


Julie said...

totally agree with you ... i feel sorry for the little girl involved.

Shannon said...

Amen Daddy Bear - you have to wonder what the objective is here - how do we get the youth to love the Lord? I know, let's punish them with the word of God - they will surely grow up to follow Christ. Give me a break.

Kerfluffle? Nice.

Wraith said...

Well said, and doing my part to make sure more people hear it.

bluesun said...

Well, "there's love the sinner, hate the sin" (which is how I think it's supposed to work), or there's "not only hate the sinner, but hate anyone who even looks at them."

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