Sunday, June 6, 2010


Well, summer is pretty much here.  For the past week and a half the temperature has hovered at around 90 degrees, with high humidity.  Today it cooled off quite a bit, and there's a breeze.  But that's temporary.  It'll be hot and muggy again very soon.

On the bright side, all of this heat and sunshine has done wonders for the plant life in our little suburban jungle out there. 

The wildflowers across the road from us are almost as tall as I am.

The yucca are beautiful this time of year.

Irish Woman's day lilies are doing really well.  There are about 100 like this scattered around the front yard.

And of course, there are the tiger lilies.  I see these everywhere here.  I guess they grow wild.  Irish Woman has used them to create a low screen in a few places.

And the plants aren't the only thing that's being fruitful and multiplying.  We thought our small pond didn't have any fish in it after we left the hose on all night and the fish we've been raising for years all died.  Then, to our surprise, there are 100 or so small black and gold minnows swimming around.  Something must have left eggs behind.

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