Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ammo Pr0n

Today, I drove over to the FedEx facility in Indiana and picked up two packages that my fairy gun-fathers at the CMP sent to me:

Two cans of 250 rounds each, all nicely linked up in cloth machine gun belts:

The website says it was manufactured during the late Truman / early Eisenhower administration:

M2 Ball, .30-06, belted in 250 rd Ammo web belts, in .30 cal cans. Manufactured by KYNOCH WORKS (British). Corrosive primers. Manufactured 50-53.
Considering its age, it appears to be in pretty good shape.  There's some surface corrosion, but it doesn't appear to be deep.

 I'll unbelt it all one of these weekends and inspect each round before using it.  The price was right.  $75 a can, plus $9.95 for shipping.  That's $170 total, or about $.35 a round.  I'm glad I got it when I did.  It sold out at the CMP a couple of days ago.  The cans can hold it until I shoot it up, then they can be used to store the brass or something else.  The cloth belts I'm not so sure of.  There's a WWII reenactment outfit around here somewhere (they were at the Knob Creek machine gun shoot), so maybe I'll just donate them.  If I can't find them, then they might fetch something at a gun show or something.

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