Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Watching Them Squirm

I attended a project planning meeting this morning with one of my customer groups.  We spent the time going over what they wanted to do over the next year or so.  It's going to be busy. 

We went over how much effort my work would be, and then the DBA gave her two cents.  We were able to estimate that it would take about half of our time for the first quarter, and then only support time after that.

Then we got to the programmer.  This was the guy who drove the conversation for the most part, and had listed out all of their requirements.  When asked how much of his and other programmers' time would be necessary to get to the high heights they want to go to, he started tapdancing.

Nothing like watching someone who wants you to work hard for him squirm when asked to quantify how much work he is willing to do to get to his destination.  My day was complete.

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