Monday, December 29, 2008

Weekend update

Quick update since I haven't posted in a few days.

We had a really nice Christmas Eve with the kids. This was the first Christmas I've had with Junior Bear in a very long time, and we also had Girlie Bear. Little Bear was at his Mom's house, but I got to see him for a few minutes.

We had an early morning on Christmas and had a good breakfast of homemade blueberry pancakes and ham. MMMM Ham....

Baby Bear was, as expected, more interested in the wrapping paper than the presents, but he did very well. Junior Bear and Girlie Bear also got a small pile of their own. I'm the boring parent, so mostly the kids got clothes and books.

I got a new sweater and some other small stuff. Irish Woman got a claudagh ring and her very own iPod.

After we cleaned up the debris from presents, I took Girlie Bear over to her mom's house so she could spend the rest of Christmas break with her. She then got to open more presents.

We made the rounds of the various families for the rest of the day, and when we were done, both Irish Woman and I were very tired and starting to feel crummy.

By the next morning, we were both quite sick. Irish Woman went to her office to gut her way through the day, and I headed over to the urgent care clinic. I was pronounced a classic case of sinus and ear infection. The doc threw a couple of prescriptions at me, and I went home to get some rest. Irish Woman went to the clinic after work, and she had bronchitis.


We flipped coins over the weekend to see who got to take NyQuil every night. The other one did the best he or she could do to get some rest and still be conscious enough to take care of Baby Bear or hear the fire alarm.

I'm feeling marginally better today. Still not approaching 100%, but I'm human again.

Junior Bear is at home working on some homework, or at least that's what he's telling me.

Both Irish Woman and I started rotations on pager support today, but hopefully things are slow enough that we won't have too rough a time of it.

Overall, I had a good holiday, but the rest of the weekend was a waste. But I can't complain.

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