Monday, August 11, 2008

The Dark Knight

Junior Bear and I went to go see The Dark Knight last night. I was very impressed by the movie. As everyone else is raving, Heath Ledger did a phenomenal job as the Joker. Of course the special effects were outstanding, and the plot kept me tensed up until the closing credits. I actually had a slight tension headache when I left the theater. Junior Bear did complain that the explosions and gunfire were a bit too loud, but they were about as loud as I would expect them to be in a real situation.

If you've not seen the movie, there are a couple of spoilers in the following!!!!

I was really proud of Junior Bear to pick up on how the director spent the entire moving contrasting Harvey Dent with Batman. He specifically commented how in the beginning of the movie, Dent took the fall for Batman, and in the end, Batman took the fall to protect Dent's reputation. Dent was continually depicted as a "white knight" and Batman as the "dark knight".

Overall, I'd recommend this movie to any adult, but leave the young kids at home. Junior Bear is 16, and that's about as young as someone can be and still understand how the violence is part of the plot, and not just revel in the violence for its own sake.

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