Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Commute musing

To the older lady who was scared to merge onto the highway this morning when I wasn't able to get over from the right lane at the end of her on-lane:
  • Ma'am, I'm not out to kill you. I don't mind slowing down a bit to let you on, which I tried to communicate by waving you over and flashing my lights. However, having to slam on my brakes because you pulled halfway into my lane and stopped with your blinker on when there was a semi in the lane next to me made it hard to have good Christian thoughts.

To the asshat in the semi who saw the little old lady trying to merge and me trying to let her on:

  • Was it too much to ask for you to slow down or speed up a bit so that I could get over to the left and let said grandmother on without killing her, myself, or the people behind me in traffic?

To the school bus full of middle schoolers who were flipping off all of the cars that passed them this morning:

  • I have a great memory for faces, and eventually one of you little swine will be coming to me for a job interview.

To the bus driver of said school bus:

  • You have my deepest sympathy.

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