Friday, June 27, 2008

Smiling Baby, Running Kitty

Last night, Baby Bear was sitting on my leg as I did some work on the laptop. Koshka, our Siamese, jumped up on my lap to see what I was up to.

For the first time, Baby Bear noticed the existence of the cat. He immediately squealed, smiled, and leapt across my lap to grab two little handfuls of fur. Koshka jumped straight up and did her best to take off running across the hardwood floor. On her way up, she managed to gouge a few holes in my leg with her rear claws, but I didn't even feel it between keeping control of the two month old and laughing.

This bodes well for things to come. The cats will have someone to play with, and the toddler-to-be will have three moving targets to entertain him.

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